Demo Version

Start learning the system through the demo version right away or read more about the demo version below.

1.      You will create an anonymous account (no names and email addresses, etc. will be asked).

2.      You will bind your account with one of your contactless credit, debit, or bank cards. You need to use a contactless, i.e. so called NFC (Near Field Communications) card for that. The Demo version supports the following types of contactless cards: Visa PayWave®, MasterCard  PayPass®, Interac Flash®.

  • You will be asked to provide your card number. We do not store your card number, only two last digits of it are stored for your later reference. The card number is irreversibly converted to a hash token which is used across the OpenFare system.
  • You will not be asked to enter either of the following: card expiration date, card security code, cardholder name, or billing address.
  • You will be asked to enter so called “demopass”. To obtain it, you would need to contact us.

3.      You will “top-up” your account with some “money”. You will be presented with a “payment” page for that. The payment is not real. You can “use” many means of “payment”, such as the card associated with your account (if it is a credit card), Pay-Pall, direct banking, other credit cards, etc.

4.      Less than a minute later, you can grab you card, and “board a bus”.

5.      The demo bus validator (a device where you can tap your card) is implemented on Android platform with an NFC card reader. There are two ways to tap your card at such a Validator:

  • Contact us and visit us
  • Contact us, obtain the Validator Android application (an .apk file), and install it on your own Android device (or several of them). For that, you must have NFC-capable devices with Android version 5.0 or higher.

6.      What happens when you tap your card at the validator? You will see that the bus fare amount is subtracted from your account balance and you will be granted the ride. While you are enjoying your demo ride, the information about your card token and your new balance will be propagated among other validators in OpenFare system (in less than a minute) and other validators will be ready to accept your card when you transfer to another bus.

7.      Currently, the validators check only your account balance when you tap. Validators are able to grant you a transfer discount, loyalty discount, and apply distance-based fares (tap-on – tap-off).

8.      At any time, you can login to your OpenFare account, add more “money” to it, change the card associated with the account and observe your transaction history. You can do this from any Internet browser, including your smartphone.

Click the Demo Version link and enjoy your trip!